Counseling Services

Family Counseling

Family Counseling is designed to resolve problems within a family. The therapist will evaluate the relationship between the family members and aid in the development and strengthening of communication between them.

Part of the family counseling program is to target destructive behaviors and actions that may lead to depression or self harming tendencies and behavioral illnesses.

Not only can family sessions help prevent these conditions, but they can help family members deal with each other’s illnesses and habits. For example, family therapy can teach a parent the right way to handle a child’s depression or anxieties. Noticing the signs and knowing the right things to do or not do can be the deciding factor between them going to the family for help or not. Family counseling will also help all family members understand what the illness actually is instead of saying “Just get over it” or “ You are being too sensitive.” Learning that it is not a choice to feel a certain way can help bring the family together.

Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling is primarily between two married spouses and a therapist. The main purpose of this form of counseling is to resolve conflicts and improve their relationship.

Learning how to communicate as a married couple can be troublesome in any stage of a marriage. Whether newly married or becoming empty nesters after the kids leave the house bring up new feelings the couple might not know how to communicate with each other.

The therapist will help find these problems and have the couple work through it together. These problems can include blended families, child rearing and infidelity.